Polyline all day

Today, first of all I tried to answer all the mails that were in my starred folder. I helped Ranvir in solving his vnc related problem where he mistakenly wrote an incorrect command in his blog. I also learned about Xen project to answer Mr. HS Rai‘s problem.

Then I started working on my task to implement polyline in my code. I learned about polyline and what parameters it needs for its working. ezdxf library has the polyline function but they recommend using LWpolyline (light weight polyline) for 2D work. LWpolyline takes less ram and time for its execution than old polyline. I decided to use LWpolyline as my code doesn’t provide 3D drawings.

The format that I am going to use is described below:

P, description, show_code, layer_name
(x1,y1,start_width1,end_width1,bulge1), (x2,y2,start_width2,end_width2,bulge2),..