Errors non-stop

How does it feel when you try to implement some changes in the code and you end up getting lots and lots of error? And that’s where the problem solving session starts. You solve one error, 3 new error arises. You solve the 2 errors successfully but when you solve that last one, a hell lot of another errors take birth. This is how my whole day spent.

I was trying to add polyline function to the code but it required a lot of changes to the original code. So, I changed the data structure from 2d lists to 3d lists with inner most one to be a tuple and changed all the entities according to it. Furthermore, I also changed the regex to get right details from wrong format. But, all of these changes gave birth to lot of errors and I spent more than two hours in this problem solving until it was time to leave TCC hall. I will complete my code tomorrow.


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