Day 28, Week 6

The vehicle learning system project is finally complete and is ready to be implemented into the system. Today I submitted my project to the institution and was really appreciated for the work.

Changes in the project:

  • solved the user image upload bug.
  • restricted the updation and deletion of teacher when any customer is alloted to it.
  • removed the mysql connection password as was told by sir that it is good security feature to keep password on the mysql database but for demo, no password to be set.

Here are some screenshots of the project:


Finally the 6-week training in Java Swing is over 🙂 .


Day 27, Week 6

Today was the last day of theory and class. So, sir gave us some extra knowledge by teaching us the code to program a chatting app and do socket programming in Java. It was a real fun as me and my friends made this program and were chatting over the network for the project development.

Talking about the project, the project is fully complete and ready to be submitted. But today I observed some code errors which was due to sir’s code in uploading images. And also I observed that updating teacher timing led to the problem of customer who were assigned to that teacher.

To do:-

  • Solve user image upload problem: when updating user without changing anything in the image, the image is changed by default image.
  • Add restriction to the updating and deleting of teacher who are already assigned to the customers.

Day 26, Week 6

Today is the first day of the last week and many things have been done regarding the project. But first let’s see what I learned today. The topics included bill calculation, printing frame, printing after completion of internal frame. So today, I got the code for my last frame which is issue certificate.

Changes in the project:

  • login page is finally completelogin
  • New features has been added to the add customer frame like list of available teachers and available vehicles according to the choice of user.
  • New look has been given to the search frame.
  • Update frame is given list to select the person from it after searching.
  • Change password option added to admin panel.

Day 25, Week 5

Today is the last day of week 5 and we have already completed most of the parts of our vehicle learning system project. Today, I learned about JList which can let us select multiple items, fetching on buttonaction, image addition, saving and scaling.

It was really a big day as we learned many codes in one day. Currently am re-reading those codes to understand them specially the code for image for image upload and scaling.

Changes in the project:-

  • added the salary per hour in database and in the admin panel.
  • added the course types in database.
  • added course option in status bar which contain course add, update and view.
  • added image upload to teacher and customer panes.
  • added simple login frame.

Day 24, Week 5

Today I learned about filtered list, joining two or more tables and login frame. And with this we have decided to add a login screen which will be taking the username and password from both admin and employee. The login will search in both admin and employee table for the username and password. If a match will be found then the respective parent frame will be opened otherwise a dialog will open saying “Wrong, username or password”.

Day 23, Week 5

Today, I learned about child to child passing, combo to combo box relation and list/ searching of multiple records. As I have already found my way of passing value between child but sir’s way is also very good, so am gonna follow sir’s one. Changed the code according to it.

We have started developing the child panes and discussed the looks and working of each field.

Day 22, Week 5

Today, I learned about adding validations, fetching, updating and deleting with confirmation from user.

Our project has also changed its struture:

  • the idea of adding vehicle type in option has been droped
  • instead the vehicle option will contain add vehicle, delete vehicle and view vehicle
  • modify and delete option has been merged in one pane i.e., update option
  • search is also included in the teacher